Visual Ethnography – proposal

My hypothesis is to see if children would strive to learn in a more practical, hands on environment. I wish to observe them taking part in two separate lessons; one where they are being spoken and one where they are creating. I believe that a child will learn more when the sense of touch is used rather than simply sight and sound. Not only will the child learn more but they will also pay more attention to class as it is more exciting and involving.

I will use the visual ethnography method, the method to observe a cultural group to learn about behaviour habits and communication, to gather research to reach my conclusion. I will mainly gather notes however I will also take a look to see if the child’s work to see which lesson is more successful. This hypothesis will be studied for a school term (3 months) to understand the situation fully.

I struggled myself with the term of this ethnographic task, I didn’t fully understand the way of researching but made a hypothesis based on my understanding.



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