What is Branding?

The brand is simply a fantasy, a story to be told, believed and bought into, even unconsciously. It is an aesthetically pleasing element of a company that presents something unique to intrigue and inspire the customer. However the customer is not only presented with the product itself because at a brands core is a lifestyle, a belief system that correlates with who the customer wants or perceives themselves to be.

Within branding a designer would look at visuals such as logo, type and colour palette; however the most important aspects are the brands subtle values that let the customers know who the brand is. For example a brand can imply to the audience that their product is healthy (mostly through colour such as a fresh green) but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is true; it is the way the brand is read by the audience. Once they have bought into this fantasy they then become a part of the brand itself.



Image : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca-Cola_Life

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