Moving Image – Love and Loathe

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I have had a good think about what I love and hate about moving images and I soon cam to realise how difficult this would be to narrow down. There are many aspects of moving image I love. Examples of things I love are moving images that combine genres such as Shaun of the Dead (horror comedy), Bridesmaids (comedy drama) and Sweeney Todd the demon Barbour of fleet street (musical horror). I also love Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork orange. The visual style is futuristic and distorted, the lighting design is daunting and engaging. I also love the journey of the character from being the villain to the victim, it questions the right and wrong of society and whether it is right to change a persons identity for the benefit of others.

I loathe torture porn and films that lack a story such as the wrong turn franchise. I also will include my dislike for Saw, although there is somewhat of a story involved it isn’t the main focus. The focus is the traps and the different ways a body can be destroyed. I loath spoof films, which is far different from a film having parody elements (Shaun of the dead). Spoofs are films that copy scenes and elements directly from another film to make it funny, often with slapstick humour and swear words. Culprits of this is the Scary Movie franchise which started a riot of spoofs to be released like Date Movie, Vampires suck and The Hungover Games. I loath a particular type of reality TV which is the reality TV based on stereotypes in the UK, in particular The Only Way is Essex. I think these TV shows create a false ideology of an area and increases stereotypes. Not just this but it creates a false sort of celebrity that I hate, a celebrity that is famous for nothing. I also loathe never ending sequels that keep getting worse (Paranormal Activity, Nightmare on Elm Street).

My Final Love and Loath

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I love Guillermo Del Toro’s parallels between human nature and monsters. Often in his films the monsters aren’t the worst enemy, it is the evil nature of humans that is the threat. In Pan’s Labyrinth it is hinted that the fantasy world may just be the girls imagination to escape the every day horrors of her life. In the devil’s backbone the ghost is just a victim reaching out for help and warning the other children of the real monster. Del Toro’s visual style is also interesting, he creates immersive fantastical worlds that are both intriguing and terrifying.

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I loath remakes that are clones of the original film, I don’t mind a remake that adapts, adds and changes elements of the moving image (Fright night, Nightmare on Elm Street) However moving images  that are nearly word for word the same drive me crazy. The promise of the Carrie remake excited me, until I watched it because I thought it was based more on the book however it was exactly the same as the 1976 original film. The remake of Psycho was a joke making the only difference being in colour (even the shots were exactly the same). Not to mention American remakes of British television, primarily the Imbetweeners which adapted the comedy slightly by using American words which removed the humour and was embarrassing. It seems these remakes tend to be a money making scheme and makes it obvious we are running out of originality.


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