Left brain, right brain, right shame

In the book The Master and his Emissary by Iain McGilchrist (2009) we are told that the brain is separated into halves, the left being the intellectual, logical, detached side. The right is the opposite being creative, conceptual and empathetic

This Lecture made me think about how we treat each half of the brain differently, I have noticed that the right brain tends to get a lot more attention. In school the more artistic projects are taken less seriously and we are constantly demanded to choose an academic route.

In late 2014 there has been a rise in articles about how students should be choosing “Stem” subjects and in some cases shunning art subjects. In an article written by Richard Garner (2014) I read the opinions of Nicky Morgan, a British Conservative politician and Secretary of State for Education. Morgan claims that students should be persuaded not to choose art and humanity subjects, instead they should choose “Stem” subjects like maths and science to receive a wide range of jobs. I disagree with her opinion completely as she seems to be focused on singling out subjects where creativity is important; it also seems she thinks creative subjects are chosen without thought.

In the same article (Garner, R. 2014) vice-chancellor of the University of the Arts London Nigel Carrington commented on Morgan’s opinion stating ““This absurd discrimination between ‘hard’ STEM and ‘soft’ arts subjects will damage the next generation of entrepreneurs. The Government needs to recognise that creativity is vital to the economy and should be taught.”” I agree with this opinion completely as creativity is needed in many ways, becoming a graphic designer gives me more insight into this argument as graphic designers have a lot of impact on the world. They can create advertisements to persuade, design a typeface so that writing is easier to read, they even designed the layout of this article so that it illustrates meaning.

Art and “Stems” must work together to make balance, the same as the left-brain and the right brain has to work together to become a fully functioning brain.

Edwards, H. (2015) Left brain, right brain, right shame [CTS Graphic and Media Design year 1] University of the Arts London: London College of Communication. CTS 1: Catalogue. 5 March

Garner, R. (2014) Education Secretary Nicky Morgan tells teenagers: Want to keep your options open? Then do science. Available at: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/education-secretary-nicky-morgan-tells-teenagers-if-you-want-a-job-drop-humanities-9852316.html (Accessed: 28th April 2015)

McGilchrist, I. (2009) The master and his emissary. U.S.: Yale University Press.

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