Language as Material

Similarly to the idea of uncreative writing language as material is a way of turning text into art. However this form of art focuses on the look and sound of the artwork rather than the narrative.

The book The Road by Cormac McCarthy (2010) follows this concept is someway however also follows a narrative. The author has transformed the text to create a fast paced conversational approach to reading. There are no speech marks and shorter lines making this a fast read, it also engages the reader making them think they are in the conversation.

When listening to the lecture I became clear to me the traditional reading book is slowly getting replaced by its technological brother, the e-reader. In my opinion there is a clear winner between the e-reader and the book, which is that the book simply works better. Although the e-readers are extremely portable there is something aesthetically pleasing about holding a book in your hand, smelling the pages and delicately turning a page. That is what language as material is about, it is exaggerating and focusing on these semiotic sensations to make the reader feel involved with the book and I very much doubt you could get the same sensation from an electronic device, especially the wonderful smell that protrudes from the pages.

Mason, A. (2015) Language as material: Materiality and method [CTS Graphic and Media Design year 1] University of the Arts London: London College of Communication. CTS 1: Catalogue. 12 March

McCarthy, C. (2010) The Road. London: Picador

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