My Hypothesis – Manifestation of the unconscious

In this essay I will prove that being in a non-place, such as social networking and dreams, increases your confidence and cause you to be more verbal. This is due to the fact you are in control and you feel as though their is no one there to judge you. When online you feel as though the screen is a protective shield that no one can hurt you through. I will research the effects of being to overconfident online leading to aggression and arguments.

Separately I will study how in a non place we represent ourselves how we wish to be perceived, this could be through physical and personal identity. I will back up my opinion how dreams reveal our most desired identity and may hold the key to unlocking it. I will be using the dream theories of Freud, Jung, Perls and Adler to back up my opinions, While researching I will find which theorist my opinions link closely with and compare to the other three.

My other research will mainly consist of films I have found which link to the dream world and/or result in being in a dream. This will consist of Vanilla Sky, Total Recall (original and remake), eXistenZ and many others. I will also be greatly influenced by the new uprise in Immersive Theatre such as the drowned man which give the audience the freedom to realm in the unknown.

I will argue that the non-space is something that is in deep connection with our unconscious causing our more confident, adventurous side to manifest,

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