Dear Mum

Dear Mum,


I have been stuck in this place for what seems like months now. Once a place thought to only pass through, to get on a plane an fly away to some exciting destination. Now it is merely a place I reside alone. The area used to be full of rushing people in the heat of confrontation but now it feels simply cold.

They have started waiting at the windows now, banging their fists in desperation to enter, for one person this seems like a rather huge effort. As you may know I trapped myself in one of the waiting rooms and although this place is empty I am constantly reminded of the people once here. The remains of chewing gum on the cushion stuck by a bored teenager whose flight was delayed, a dent in the metal of an arm caused by a man struck with rage now that his flight was cancelled.

The seats reveal the anger within us, which has now been released in this disaster. It seems odd to think that these halls were once a passage for escape and ironic that it is the cage I am trapped in. The fists they thump seem to be getting stronger as if they are more desperate now to get in. Maybe they are low on food like me, I don’t really have much to look forward to as may guess. For now it seems I will either starve or be eaten, which is worse? A prolonged torture? Or being torn apart?

It may be me hallucinating from dehydration but I see the people of the past walking through the halls. Carting around luggage, tripping over their children, rushing to find their own peace of mind in the panic of it all. It would have seemed like a nightmare to them but compared to the loneliness and the constant reminder of life in this moment of death I wouldn’t have minded it so much.

The first window has cracked it will be only a moment until


Hauer, G. (2015) Bleached dreams-Troubling places [CTS Graphic and Media Design year 1] University of the Arts London: London College of Communication. CTS 1: Catalogue. 26 March



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