Bleached dreams – troubling places

Simulation – A simulation is something that represents something else — it isn’t the real thing. At times you might perform a simulation as practice for real life, such as a flight simulation that’s used to train pilots. The word can also be used, often dismissively, to describe something that is a fake, like a simulation of excitement or the simulation of a perfect diamond.

we live our lives in a constant simulation of reality whether it is through social media or identity. The life of an everyday person is constantly bombarded with the need to find an identity, to be unique or find a clique. Disneyland is often seen as a fake place and would also be considered a simulation, however according to Baudrillard Disneyland is more real than the identity of LA. The reason being is that Disneyland is being honest in their simulation, they are showing the identity of the place through charecter acting however do not keep it as an illusion. They and others know it is just a theme park.

however the people in La are constantly changing their identity through surgery and fashion trends. This idea of following what is popular is fake and is a simulation of a real person.

Are our identities a simulation of how we wish to be?

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