Desiger, Audience, and Response

The designer is a thinker and creator. They use influences from the outside world to create something that is reflective of them. Often designers carry their own style, adding a certian flair to their work as a signature. For example film director such as Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan place themselves as a character in their films. Hitchcock taking a minor background extra role and Shymalan placeing himself as a scripted character. Artist Bankys style is the use of rebellion and political statements merged with his anonymous identity creating a mystery.

The Audience in then brought in to view the work and form an opinion. An audience is nothing without their opinion. Artist Duchamp decided to introduce his friend Monique Fong his work, her response was that she did not understand the work presented to her.  He responded that it does not matter as long as they are friends. Fong’s response didn’t matter to the artist because she didn’t give an opinion, with this she is not a sucessful audience member and didn’t see any potential in the art.

The act of response is key in design as it is what encourages and influences designer. It is often the case to think design is meant to communicate a specific idea. However in this lecture it was stated that it is not what the ddsogner communicates that is important but the Comunication the audience recieves. One person may think a design represents the meaning of life while the other sees death and there may also be those who simply do not see anything.

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