Reinventing Screen Printing: Book Review

This book is dedicated the the best examples of contemoary uses of screen printing. I bought this mainly due to the fact after completing a screen printing induction I want to learn a lot more about the process as I choose to experiment with it.

This is a wonderful book, beginning with a Forward by a practitioner, a historical view and an explanation of the process itself. Then bringing a portfolio of many differentt examples of designers and their work. This is an extremely wide overview of what you can really do with screen printing, looking at paper, photographic, illustrative, textile, wood, 3D and many further exceptional uses of screen printing.


The first design I have pulled out of the book as an example is the use of screenprinting iPhone and laptop cases by Zookimono (Chris and Yudit Elliot). This is a perfect example of using an old technique in a new way. They have collaborated with different illustrators to crest a wide range of styles and designs.


This design was created by communication agency Happiness Brussels and designer Anthony Burrill. These lines edition prints were made with oil from the Mexican oil spill disaster and all profits were given to restore the Gulf of Mexico’s costal wetlands. This is an example of both an innovative and clever use of the spill.


The last example is a very simple yet effective educational poster design by Brainstorm Print and Design. These designs show the different layers of the Atmosphere, Earth and Ocean using different colours to seperate the layers. I just think these are so wonderful because of their simplicity.

Over all this book is wonderful and is definitely inspiring to those interested in screen printing. It also shows that the are no limitations with screen printing and how older techniques are still extremely useful and if anything just as good as digital.

RRP £16.99

Price I paid at the book stall at LCC £4.99


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