Dry Point Workshop: POD

Today I have taken part in another workshop, this time it is dry point. Like etching dry point is an intaglio process, meaning that the ink distribution is produces with in your marks. Intaglio is the opposite of relief (Lino cut, wood cut) which is where the ink is distributed on the surface and not the holes. I really enjoyed this process, it was pretty much the same as etching but without the chemicals. However unlike etching this does not produce tone, you can produce texture but is only the texture you draw into the surface.

However i I think this process is amazing for experimentation. I created two designs for my genius loci, one a forest in the card plate the other the shadow figure found in the trees. I really like the card outcome, it adds a nice texture which adds to the trees. I think the metal plate is harder to calve, the lines looked jagged at times however if I wanted a smother design this would work better.

image image

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