Staging Disorder – Review and Catalogue


Staging Disorder is an exhibition currently displayed at the London College of Communication demonstrating photographs of military simulations. It focuses on the idea that these room are used to stage events of war and rebellion. This is quite an unusual concept as the event of war is unpredictable yet these key “trial runs” are vital.


As you walk in to the exhibition you will notice the thought and intention that has gone in to the design. One thing I like most is the fact the walls have been painted and compliment the designs. It also separates the artists giving them a specific colour, for example sounds from dangerous places by Peter Cusack uses a grey colour, however in the small dark room the grey looks close to black. This colour represents the idea of destruction. The colour is reminiscent of ash which is quite a relevant colour considering the sounds we recorded around the area of the Chernobyl disaster.


Another colour to consider is the teal room dedicated to Cathy Lane’s Preparations for and Imaginary Conflict. Overwhelming sounds of people are surrounding you while you sit on a wooden bench. Words like Evil, Neutral and Tyranny surround you circling the walls. This would all seem very overwhelming however it seems the cool teal colour makes it less intense while also keeping the seriousness with the dark depth of colour. If a colour like red was used I can see this being quite an unbearable room however the blue seems to take away some of the intensity and allows you to listen.


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