Un-creative writing lecture

Kenneth Goldsmith teaches a course entitled “Wasting time on the Internet”. This course encourages students to spend their lessons randomly browsing the Internet with no particular conclusion in mind. The Internet is usually seen as a distraction where we are bombarded with tempting Facebook updates, blogs and the odd cat video on YouTube. The Internet is a constant source of procrastination and yet also is a source of research. Goldsmith teaches how the Internet is constantly inspiring from Twitter posts to porn sites. Not only does the course promote this but it also promotes the use of plagiarism, appropriation, and stealing other people’s work. The argument we face with this form of creative writing is that when does it become ok to use someone else’s work. If the work is used in a different context and adapted is it an entirely new piece of work.

During this lecture I soon got deeply involve with the process of uncreative writing, creating poems from advertisements. I found it amusing how over the top their definitions are, rarely telling you about the product but giving you a fantasy instead. I also took inspiration from Facebook writing short stories from the over the top statuses we discover revealing to much of the persons life story.

I like the use of this browsing and agree that the internet is not always a source for curing boredom, however I disagree with the use of plagiarism, I think that appropriation is one thing but to go as far as stealing another writers work is wrong. This has however made my opinion on plagiarism slightly differ and I am a lot more accepting of it.

 You can see my poems here.

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