The Best Advertising and Design In The World – D&AD09 Opinions of Design

This book has been made with the teaming of TASCHEN and D&AD to create an annual of all the best design from advertising to music videos. The introduction gives insight to what CEO Tim O’Kennedy believes is not only good design but what makes the worlds best design. This introduction not only discusses the importance of originality and creative thinking in design but also includes the function and purpose of the design as a very important factor.

“…originality, conceptual bravery and craftsmanship are all held in tension with a practical imperative: the need for the work in question to perform a clear function.”

“breathtaking ingenuity involved in marrying function with pure creative expression. Commercial creativity – at it’s best – confirms that even mundane tasks can be accomplished with flair and imagination, and enrich us all for having done so.”

This confirms my thought that design is about more than aesthetic appeal, it is about possessing a function, communicating is the most important aspect. Designing in an original manor is of course very important as an original design is easily remembered. An example of an interesting original design are the designs of the British coins Designed by Matt Dent (p.20). The Coins were designed to all be a part of one image, each coin from 1p to 50p were separate sections of a puzzle and the pound being the jigsaws lid.

This book is brilliant of information on successful designers and inspiration designs, it reveals what (in a professionals opinion) is good design. Design that stands out and makes an impact on the viewers.

Wiedemann, J. (2010) D&AD09: The best advertising and design in the world. London: TASCHEN

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