Genious Loci Brief

It was a solitary house, standing in a sadly neglected garden: a pretty even square of some two acres. It was a house of about the time of George the Second; as stiff, as cold, as formal, and in as bad taste, as could possibly be desired by the most loyal admirer of the whole quartet of Georges. It was uninhabited, but had, within a year or two, been cheaply repaired to render it habitable; I say cheaply, because the work had been done in a surface manner, and was already decaying as to the paint and plaster, though the colours were fresh.

Charles Dickens – The Haunted House

The paragraph above was an extract given to us in the brief, this paragraph is a fundamental element and example of what we need to accomplish in this brief. The term genious loci means the spirit of a place. Our task was to choose a place that we can use to communicate an atmosphere.

Certian examples could be a relaxing bath, the stress of the underground or the excitement of a fairground. I really enjoy the sound of this project and am in the process of thinking of some ideas for it.

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