My Zine – Final Zine

Having just completed my zine I now am pleased with the design. I think the font is more well suited to the theme of sentimentality and expresses a more gentle nostalgic feel. The curvy “Z” blends into the background slightly where I have used a chocolate brown, I think this in turn adds to the softness of the design and is far more related than the previous “Helvetica”¬†typeface used. The serif sans type “Times New Roman Regular” also adds a more feminine gentle approach and works a lot better with the whole design and is easily read when small. I also had to adjust the position of the scissors in the design to make the “Z” more readable but also to tighten it all together. Crossing the scissors behind the design has really brought the cover together making it a lot neater.

I didn’t have to change a whole lot in the interior of the zine, the first thing I did was update my text as I have recently improved my essay by editing and selecting the best elements. However I still wish my word count would be a little lower, at 1648 words it exceeds the limit however not by more than 10%. I also changed the font all to “Times…” So that the zines continuity was in tact. I also decided it would be wise to use the same chocolate brown for the page numbers and headers, this helped the design link with the cover but also worked as a type of hierarchy making the main bulk of text bolder than the headers.

I decided that the images would work better in black and white giving the whole design a more nostalgic feel. I kept the highlighting rectangles and the scrapbook approach to the layout. I had to adjust the numbering slightly due to them overlapping the rectangles in an odd way. Although I wanted my zine to be more image based I had to follow the brief, and by doing so it caused the text to take over a little. However the design works very well this way even though there aren’t many images.

Over all I think I worked well with the space and limits given, I think the final zine looks crisp and evenly laid out. However it is slightly more plain than I would have liked.

times and snell

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