Two Trial Zines

I have had a few issues along the way and have decided printing my zines by myself is not the way to go. It is over complicated, time consuming and over all the printing isn’t amazing quality. Although it will cost more for me to print professionally it will be worth it in the long run. I have been heavily influence by a design for the magazine “FUKT” by Aeiane Spanier. This design had the title of the magazine placed in an interesting way, I  liked the way it transformed the writing but it was still legible to read.

IMG_0037  (Paredes, p.43)

My first zine is very basic, I wanted to use it as a platform to get used to In Design as I have never used it before without assistance. It did take a while to get the hang of and this zine took over 8 hours to complete (which is far too long). However I am now comfortable with the program to speed my working up.

and chose to use red to highlight the word time for the moment. I’m not too keen on the overall look. It seems unorganised, the spacing looks odd and the text sits in the front not interacting with the rest of the design. I think I should try to merge the text better.

The design on the inside is very plain and simple, I think to counteract the whiteness and text book look I need to add in some shapes to highlight key moments in my zine. The images look great, they are crisp and don’t look pixilated at all. The text looks a little bland and quite stark with nothing surrounding it. I used photographs of interesting objects that I have that are important to me, these objects are also quite visual, I think the scissors on the cover is quite striking but may look a bit grim with the red type.

As I said I had a lot of trouble printing and the ink looks pretty low quality and matte. I think my zine would look a lot nicer with a semi gloss finish. The paper is also very low quality and bleeds through the page.

zine zine8

I started drawing concepts for the text because it looked a little strange in the previous design. In my book  I was looking at the work of “Feed”, I really enjoined the way the text lay over the image. I discovered a design that looked like it had potential to work as the title. I really liked the way this sketch looked.

IMG_0039(Paredes, p. 203)

In my next zine I wanted to change the approach, I wanted it to be completely different. In in other words the layout will be slightly more unorganised and there will be a Lot of bright shapes involved. I decided to make the photographs black and white mainly because the background colours are so bright they would have clashed with the images. I decided to use a CYMK colour scheme so that when the transparent shapes blended I would get some other colours. This worked relatively well however when printed the transparency was uneven and didn’t blend with the other colours.

I liked the images in black and white, it gave them more of a nostalgic aged look which really worked with the theme of my zine. I also changed the cover creating a dynamic design with a large “Z” in the middle a small “SENTIMEN” above and a medium “ZINE” below. I also hi lighted the “TIME” which linked to the idea of ageing. I made trials of colours for the cover and settled with magenta, cyan was too dull and yellow was too bright. The magenta blende well with the highly contrasted text. However I think it may be a little to bright for such a soft/nostalgic zine, it doesn’t really fit with the concept.

front page 2 scissors pfront page 2 scissors p8

When I showed my work during this weeks crit the feedback I received was mainly about the second zine, which everyone preferred. They told me they liked the use of shapes however they could be added in smaller areas and less of them. They also told me that the colour combination is a little harsh for my theme and doesn’t really fit. I was told to try more browns and neutrals.

Paredes, C. (2012) Star graphic designers. Barcelona: Loft Publications

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