Insurgency – Scott King Lecture Series 2

This lecture was by Scott King, a graphic designer who had worked as the Art director of I-D and creative director of sleaze nation. He was here to talk about the importance of being unique as a designer. He explained that there is no classic graphic designer as we are all Insurgent.

Firstly he spoke about his influences and interests as a designer, he spoke about how he loved looking at the impossible and the obscure. Some of the artworks he was fascinated by as a student was  the “Continuous Monument” by Superstudio, a design of a monument that continues around the circumference of the worlds making everything flat and suburban.  He also was interested in the “Tubular Belles” album cover by Mike Oldfield. Both of these linking to King’s fascination with the impossible and surreal.

King told us about his days working for Sleazenation and how he used the cover as an opportunity to rebel. Some where he had absolute freedom with (I’m with stupid edition around the time of 9/11 which was about the placement of the magazine), others not as much (sponsored by Absolute Vodka). Either way he wanted to spark controversy and toyed with the idea of getting a negative reaction.

I found this lecture very interesting as we were told the interests of a designer and how being unique is important.


Overall he told us he believes in the “Human nature to reinvent”.

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