Basic Typographic Composition Design Workshop

After learning about gestalt we were given a limited supply of material to work with, three sized circles and a few different word with varied weights. We we’re limited on what was used and we had to use all of the text given (even if it was repetitive).

This was quite an interesting thing to do because every design had to look different although what you were give was so basic and stripd back. Over all my designs looked quite formal, I tried to create a very structured design but changing it in sections to add an abstract approach.

I also wanted to include the use of gestalt theory, adding a circle or larger font to inform hierarchy. As I said before I found it a little difficult to add everything in the layout because we were working in a small 20 by 20 cm box.


10729042_810289085680906_407774037_n 10735629_810289052347576_2136839263_n

10736086_810289095680905_885959323_n 10744634_810295915680223_1318664322_n


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