Fanzines by Teal Triggs – A Reference Nightmare CTS/ISHE

I have just finished reading chapter 6 of Fanzines by Teal Trigs and shortly after read the response on the Fanzine by Teal Triggs website “Just Say No”.

First I will talk about reading the Triggs book without the background knowledge, which I originally thought had a lot of interesting information about zines. She seemed passionate about the growing world of Zines and enjoyed the rich amount of subjects, I also managed to find a rather good quote for my chosen theme (Objects- telling a story, personal to you).

“…the way in which fanzines are intimate graphic objects, holding meaning through their form and content but at the same time functioning to communicate. Zines are defined by their materiality.”

This quote above suggests that a Zine itself is an object and although can become materialistic it tells a story to the user. It could be said that my Zine will be a object that tells a story of other objects that tell stories or could possibly become as personal to the owner as the other objects in this zine,

Although this book holds a lot of insightful information there has been a lot of issues brought to light about this book and most importantly the Author. Triggs has been heavily criticised that the content of this book has been either incorrectly referenced or not at all. The author also failed to notify the creators of the zines mentioned in the book which caused controversy due to the fact most authors had no clue their zine was being used which also meant no royalties. The information she used also was incorrect in places.

The Blog “Brainscan” is by Alex Wrekk, one of the artists who were exploited by Teal Triggs. She mentions that the artists didn’t receive information of  of their work being used until after the book had been published, this means it was more like making the artist aware of the use rather than asking permission. She also feels that the copyright issues weren’t the main issue, Wrekk believes that Triggs used a “lack of thoughtfulness and poor judgement” which made the artists feel used.

I think the fact she has used this material with out the use of permission or referencing has ruined the book itself. It had a lot of potential and does have a lot of good information but the lack of referencing has given the book a bad reputation and labelled the author as being a thief.

One thing I do not understand is the fact that Teal Triggs is said to be an avid collector of zines and wants to promote self publishing. For someone who acts involved it seems odd that she essentially had ripped off nearly every author in her book and is refusing to apologise, compensate or even reply to the issues involved.


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