Seen, Heard, Found – Blog Reveal CTS/ISHE

Today was our blog reveal and review. We were in groups of four and all commented on each others blogs. My group told me that they enjoyed the layout of my blog, they thought the spherical element to my home page made the design look pleasing but also worked as an organisation tool. They also thought the content of the blog was very good too by being informative but keeping a semi-formal tone.

Soon after we began to discuss blogs that  we enjoy and why. I suggested a couple of different blogs, the first being my favourite that I used many times to gather inspiration during my A-Levels.  Sweet Station is an art and design blog that reveals different artist from many practices. Sometimes containing the unusual Sweet Station always found a way to entertain a class of students.

Next is Spill the Zines which is the perfect blog for this project. It contains many reviews of different Zines, however it has stopped publishing past the 6th of October. This blog has a lot of good content but I do find the design unappealing, it seems a little bit dark and needs some colour.

Lastly is The Design Blog which I love. It contains different inspirational designs and uploads regularly. I also really like the bold sleek layout where the bright yellow really stands out. There are also some nice short cut buttons on the right side of the screen that can take you to a particular form of design.

I really like some of the blogs suggested by the rest of the class too:

Over all I got a lot of positive comments about my blog and am very happy with the way it looks so far. I think the sharing of blogs will really help in the long run when I am looking for some inspiration.

The last task was a choice of two options. The first being Listomania – prompt, simple framing, 10 things I’ve seen, heard, found. The second being Interrogation – questions about what you don’t know yet, anything, interest.

I chose Listomania and these are my 10 things I’ve seen, heard, found

  1. I’ve seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show live and loved every minuet of it
  2. I’ve seen my cat eating my lunch when I left it alone for two minuets to get a drink
  3. I’ve heard my family sing on the karaoke, it wasn’t pleasant
  4. I’ve seen a jellyfish
  5. I’ve heard the scary cries of a fox
  6. I’ve seen the Victoriana exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery, which was a modern response to the Victorian era. Steampunk
  7. I found a lucky penny after I handed in my final major project
  8. I found a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Nude Spiked Litas on the Office website and had to buy them
  9. I’ve seen the entire collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (including the film) but have never watched Angel
  10. I’ve seen a litre of beer in Berlin and finished the whole thing

This has furthered my understanding of myself and what I enjoy, it has also opened new doors to find inspiration.

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