Studentship – How to succeed

Today we had a lecture to tell us how to act as a student in UAL and what is expected of us. This really helped us all understand the task we have taken on over the next three years. We were told attendance is our number one priority, that no matter what we need to be in. The way I see it is that I am paying £9000 a year and every day I waste is also money wasted. I am usually very good with arriving on time, I always leave very early in case of delays. However I am slightly worried, due to the fact I live so far away, that if there is a strike or major delay that I will struggle to get to uni.

The second element of being a student is work ethic, that I need to take full responsibility of my own work. We as a class are only guided. This also links to creative process where I have to combine research and experiments to develop my project further.

The 6 Thinking Men : Who, What, Why, When, Where and How?

I need to assess myself and my peers but also act in group crits being assessed by my peers in return. I also take part in tutorials and 1-1’s to understand what to improve on and whether my work communicates the right message.

Open projects allow us to determine and experiment with our own ideas and chosen themes. In the zine project this meant that we would choose the content of our own zines .Sticking to time schedules is another important factor, deadlines will not be extended and when working in graphic design deadlines will be tight.  This is something I have never really had an issue with, I am always very aware of deadlines and maybe a little bit too over cautious when it comes to the approaching hand in.

Other things discussed were being professional, assessments, development and conflict. Which links with all the subjects mentioned above. I think this lecture really helped me understand what it takes to study a degree and will help me in the long run.


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