Research – No One is a Clone

No one is a clone, we all do things in our own ways including research. Some people prefer loads of research and smaller experiments, others prefer to experiment more and research less. However in this course we have to discover equal measures of both.

This lecture told us exactly what we need to do to approach the brief. We need to really get to grips with it and learn to understand what it is we have to do. There are key elements to research:

  • Preparation – Understand what you are doing
  • Incubation – Ideas in your head
  • Illumination – Make them become
  • Influentation – Making them happen

Primary is the research that you make yourself, your experiences and your own outcomes.

Secondary is  the research gathered from a source that is not your own. There are many ways to find secondary research (Library, E – Library, the Internet, Exhibitions ect).

  • Analysis and translation
  • What worked, what didn’t extend, abstract
  • Prototype, tests, ideas, trial and error
  • Brutal with yourself
  • Don’t rush
  • Qualitative and quantitative
  • Digesting information
  • Look at what you know
  • Experts, influence, don’t be superficial

Everything adds up to a final piece. the research (in my opinion) is the most important element of the work. It is the part that helps you fully understand your design and complete it with the knowledge you are following your brief.

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