What is a Zine? – LCC Library Lecture

A zine (Formerly known as a Fanzine) is usually a self published, low cost, DIY book that is about a subject of interest. Beginning in the era of punks  zines have been used mainly to inform and inspire people in a type of protest and anarchy, being that they have an unedited viewpoint and reflect their content in an honest way.

However zines now are much more broad and can be about anything including art, crafts, feminism, fashion, football, music, film, the environment, science, photography, even personal matters (almost like a diary, known as a perzine). They are very flexible in the sense that the materials used can also be broad, Some zines have been screen printed by hand, some a photocopier, they can take advantages by using specialist paper like glossy or acetate or save money by using printer paper.

This lecture helped me understand what zines are really about, they are about getting your ideas out to the public in a creative and cost efficient way. They are a form of magazine that are straight to the point and genre specific. They are also personal to the author as they are about their views and decisions.

I also attended a zine fair to see what other designers were creating. I really enjoyed seeing the wide range of papers, some using specialist papers like tracing or asatate and others using a normal printer paper. I prefered the use of printer paper as it seems a lot more practical, although specialist papers are asthetically pleasing I think Zines are about getting a piece of information for a good price. They are also meant to be easy to make and nothing is easier than a photocopy.

I also saw the broad range of themes from fashion to politics and the rather humourous queerzines. I found this fair very eye opening and it really shows me what I can achieve and the r=variety of styles.

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