6 Thinking Men – Expanding a Theme

After the briefing we sat in groups and started to expand and deconstruct the Zines. We started with the Six Thinking Men: Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. We used this to find out what content we need to understand/gather for our zine and where it fits in.We worked in a group of six, my half of the group worked on Why, When, Where the other half What, How, Who.


  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Fulfil the direction of the brief
  • To communicate to an audience
  • To learn new skills and develop the old ones we already have
  • To explore aspects of design


  • Archives, Internet, Exhibition, Books, Peers,
  • Environmental, Online, Zines, Libraries, Shop
  • Cultural – Music, Film, Tv, Geographical locations
  • Location – Cities, Towns, Country, Architecture


  • START DATE – 10th October
  • DEADLINE – 9th December
  • Historical
  • When the Galleries are open
  • Past, Present and Future


  • Create a Zine – A5 12 Pages
  • Different Material/Colour/Shapes/Flaps/Slots/Insert
  • Communicates a theme/message
  • Title (creating/eye catching)


  • Paper – Texture and Binding (materials/newspaper)
  • Experimenting (print screen/letter press/photography)
  •  Photoshop/In Design/Illustrator
  • Sketch, doodle,making
  • Galleries, research, library


  • Us/Me
  • Target Audience
  • Laptop
  • Inspirations (artists and designers)

This helped us fully understand the brief and see what we need to collect to complete this task.


We were then given a theme of Cultural and were then told to use our previous task to decide what we need to to find sources and to expand the theme. First we thought of themes with in Cultural and eventually chose the social media. I thought this was a very good choice considering the power social media hold now. Facebook is one of the easiest ways to find and communicate with people.

Branching social media in to categories was rather easy, it flowed and expanded all by itself. I wrote interactive in big orange letters because I think that is the focus and point of social media, it is what surrounds everything do. We also found a link between the use of social media as a distraction of the real world, accessibility and addiction. Social media has become the norm and has taken over the internet, some people find it hard to ignore for long periods of time.

This project has proven how easy it is to branch out different ideas, we chose a subject that was easily broad but could be just as easily narrowed down. That makes the project strong because we have edited and selected the best ideas.



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